Our Goal

We believe that you should be empowered by your technology, not beholden to it.

We’re with you every step of the way, and beyond. We make sure that you’re getting the best that you can from the Cloud, in a genuine partnership that offers much more than your average IT firm. Expert advice and guidance, recommendations, training and support all just scratch the surface.

With our range of expertise and industry partnerships, we seek to ensure that you don’t have to go anywhere else to get to your goal. Because we want you to have the ultimate business technology experience now, and in the future.


Our Promise

Bringing Real Change to Your IT

We’ve seen first-hand the benefits that adopting cloud technology can have for any kind of organisation; from multi-national corporations to local businesses and charities.

In fact, that’s the whole reason that Clear Cloud exists.

As experts in supplying unrivalled cloud strategy, implementation and integration, we use our extensive knowledge to get you into the cloud and turn your business into a better connected, more collaborative and streamlined one.

Our Story

Our founders have one thing in common: their passion for technology.

Having worked together for over 5 years, they helped their organisation reduce IT operating costs by over 50% using Microsoft cloud solutions. Thinking of the wider opportunities that such a change could offer to so many more businesses, charities and educators across the UK, the decision was soon made and Clear Cloud was born.

When you meet one of our team, it’s easy to tell we’re not salesmen; we’re problem solvers. Driven by a natural sense of ethics, you’ll find genuine honesty and integrity behind every single service and recommendation that Clear Cloud offers.

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we put the utmost effort into making sure that your business never falls behind by offering the clear and sincere guidance that you need, not by just trying to sell you the most expensive package we can.

In our experience, the best results always come from a position of mutual respect and trust so that ethos underpins everything that we do. This, coupled with our outstanding range of cloud, support, security, telephony and internet services set the foundations for your success… and keep us confident that you’ll never need to go anywhere else.

As Neil Marshall, COO of Kaizen Compliance Solutions, puts it:

I can highly recommend [Clear Cloud] to all. Very easy to deal with and didn’t try to baffle us with computer jargon we don’t understand. They delivered exactly what we wanted and gave us some excellent advice en route.

So if you’re interested in seeing just how much better things could be with Clear Cloud by your side, go ahead and contact us for a quick chat.



What people say about Clear Cloud

Being a highly mobile company with customers in NZ, Australia and the United States, we really wanted to reap the benefits that the cloud could offer. We did not want the headache of purchasing and managing a server on site, but we did want to centralise our business resources and knowledge for quick access. The fact we were growing very quickly made this a priority of ours. We approached Clear Cloud Services to assist us with this, and they were tremendous in setting up our Microsoft 365 Small Business Plan. They explained the different plans to us and deployed it with us. In addition to this, they have worked hand in hand with us to configure our SharePoint site to meet our requirements and explain how to get the most out of it.

Justin Wright

CEO, Qotient

Clear Cloud Services provided us with excellent customer service from extremely knowledgeable and helpful advisers. They understood what we wanted to do and the best way to go about delivering it. Our company has moved its entire IT infrastructure to a secure cloud based solution as a result. Supported by Office 365 Enterprise we now have a very modern working environment offering great flexibility. I can highly recommend this company to all. Very easy to deal with and didn’t try to baffle us with computer jargon we don’t understand. They delivered exactly what we wanted and gave us some excellent advice en route.

Neil Marshall

COO, Kaizen Compliance Solutions

You won’t believe how simple it is to completely transform your business – for today and for the future – through migration to the cloud. Just let us show you. Book a 10-minute chat and demo with us today, and make those worries a thing of the past. It could be the best business decision that you’ll make this year.


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