Business Intelligence

There’s Power in Your Data. Unleash It.

Seize Opportunity with Deeper Insight into Your Customers, Operations and Processes with Business Intelligence

In a world driven by data, you need to collect and understand the information that tells you what’s happening at the core of your market.

Without the insight of Business Intelligence, your biggest opportunities could be slipping through the net every single day and landing in someone else’s.

Power BI makes sure that doesn’t happen.

A cloud-based collection of software and services, Power BI hands your people the ability to bring data sources together in one simple solution. A better way to harness raw insight from across your entire organisation and sort, interpret and present it through intuitive and interactive reporting.

Effortless integration with your existing Microsoft Office software, such as Excel and Access, and the ability to mine a massive range of external data sources (for example MailChimp, Zendesk, Salesforce, Quickbooks and Google Analytics) makes for a nearly limitless range of insight possibilities, with more being added on a constant basis.

business intelligence

With the stunning insight of Business Intelligence, you can:

  • Stay on top of how your business is performing, and see where improvements can be made so you can easily spot and focus on problem areas
  • Quickly uncover trends as they emerge and be the first on the ground. Capitalise on that rising demand when you have the edge, and leave the competition in the dust
  • Locate and target your most profitable customers and sectors by effortlessly revealing where your greatest opportunities lie
  • Easily collect business metrics in one place and generate straightforward reports and visualisations at the click of a button. Preparing important data for presentation is simpler than ever before
  • Pull data from a huge range of sources including MailChimp, Zendesk, Salesforce, QuickBooks, Twilio, GitHub, Uservoice and even Google Analytics, seamlessly importing it to your existing Microsoft applications such as Excel and Access

What people say about Clear Cloud

Clear Cloud Services provided us with excellent customer service from extremely knowledgeable and helpful advisers. They understood what we wanted to do and the best way to go about delivering it. Our company has moved its entire IT infrastructure to a secure cloud based solution as a result. Supported by Office 365 Enterprise we now have a very modern working environment offering great flexibility. I can highly recommend this company to all. Very easy to deal with and didn’t try to baffle us with computer jargon we don’t understand. They delivered exactly what we wanted and gave us some excellent advice en route.

Neil Marshall

COO, Kaizen Compliance Solutions

The team at Clear Cloud have gone much further in understanding our business then I have seen before from any provider. They have seamlessly migrated our organisation to Office 365 and SharePoint and are currently working on moving our eProcurement application to Azure and deploying Power BI. Clear Cloud are knowledgeable, responsive and conscientious. I would recommend them without reservation.

Simon Lunt

Managing Director, BGate

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