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Because Being Online is No Longer Optional…

If your business is to compete in the modern world it needs an internet connection. And if you plan to take advantage of the cost-saving and business-building benefits that operating in the cloud offers, being connected isn’t just an option; it’s a prerequisite. Whether you’re in e-commerce, need to link up international offices or just want a simple cloud platform to work from, you have to make sure that your choice of internet connection is not just reliable, but can keep up to speed.

That’s where we can help. Through our range of specially chosen partners, Clear Cloud can get you up and running online with just about any kind of connection.

Get a Better Internet Connection….at a Better Price

Rather than dive in with the fastest (and most expensive) package available, our experts will consult with you in depth about your needs and find the most cost-effective, stable and fast connection for your particular situation.

One that truly pays dividends by avoiding the kind of slow performance and unpredictable drops that rob businesses like yours of productive time every single day.

And since we don’t keep ourselves tied to only a small number of suppliers, we have a wider range of choices available for you, including:



Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line – Running over a standard telephone line, ADSL internet is available from just about every BT exchange nationwide with a maximum download speed of around 24Mb/sec and max upload of 2.5Mb/sec.



Fibre to the Cabinet (also known as “Superfast Broadband”) sees fibre optic cables run from your nearest exchange to your street cabinet, then through the telephone line. This offers greatly increased speeds over ADSL, hitting a maximum download of 80Mbit/sec and upload of 20Mbit/sec.



Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet offers the speed of Superfast Broadband with the reliability of an optimised, uncontended line. This means that you don’t share your bandwidth with anyone else and guarantees a stable speed regardless of the amount of internet use taking place in your locality.

Leased Lines

Leased Lines

Your very own dedicated line, allowing you to connect your offices and sites at consistent high speeds. If you regularly transfer large volumes of data between remote locations, a leased line could be perfect for you. Speeds vary, so just get in touch with us to find out what would best suit your needs.

Secure Web filtering for Schools

Secure Web filtering for Schools

We’ll work with you to figure out a connectivity solution that suits the needs of your school perfectly… and we can also help streamline your learning with Lightspeed web filtering.

Standard phone lines

Standard phone lines

We can hook you up with a standard voice telephone line at highly competitive prices.

What people say about Clear Cloud

After suffering numerous email problems and slow internet brokered through the local authority, we turned to Clear Cloud for advice.  They helped us migrate to Office 365 which has provided the school with a reliable email service at no cost.  The new broadband connection and web filtering has improved the connection speed and given us more control over the content available to our staff and pupils.

Mark Cotton

Headmaster, Our Lady of Pity Primary School

When switching our business to Office 365, we realised that our internet provider wasn’t going to meet the grade. Problems with reliability and speed were really letting us down, so we asked Clear Cloud to source a better alternative for us as part of the overall move. They truly delivered, setting us up with a solid connection that has none of the problems of our old supplier… and we’re happy to know that if anything should happen, we can go straight to Clear Cloud for help.

Jane Windle-Hartshorn

CEO, Develop ECS

So give us a call today on 0800 471 4892, or get in touch through our contact us page, for a quick chat and to see how we can get you better connected. Even if you have a connection through an existing supplier, we can most likely net you a much better deal. There’s no obligation, so nothing at all to lose.


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