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Reduce your IT costs by over 50% with Cloud IT for Charities… And spend it on good work instead


Helping your cause deliver maximum effect

Charities all across the UK are at a crossroads. Skyrocketing costs. Funding woes. The paradox of shrinking budgets yet increased demands.

Add updating your outdated IT system to meet today’s new requirements and it’s almost too much. Your job isn’t databases and software, it’s serving others.

Thankfully, help is here…

Save Money and Boost Efficiency with Microsoft Office 365

More than just the common software suite that we’re all used to, Microsoft Office 365 is an innovative, all-inclusive platform hosted by cloud technology.

This means that it runs entirely outside of your physical location – so you don’t need to worry about purchasing, maintaining and updating any complicated hardware whatsoever.

And better yet – it’s absolutely FREE to eligible charities!

When you take advantage of this generous offer, the possibilities for your charity – and its beneficiaries – are endless. By switching your charity to the cloud, you can:


Say goodbye to expensive servers



Work in the office, on the train, at home – wherever and whenever



Improve Security without spending a fortune.



Enjoy free updates for the lifetime of your cloud service



Gain the ability to create detailed reports for trustees and donors in just a few clicks



Say goodbye to Microsoft Office licensing headaches



What does Microsoft Office 365 give you?

  • Your complete suite of Office software in one place – updated FREE for life
  • A massive 50GB mailbox per user – more email storage than you’d ever need
  • FREE HD video and voice conferencing with Skype for Business
  • A financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 1TB personal storage per user – so you’ll never worry about running out of space
  • Instant remote access to your workspace, wherever you are

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With Clear Cloud, you can…

Communicate and collaborate with hosted Skype for Business

Skype for Business is your all-in-one communications platform that brings you:

  • Unlimited free UK landline calls – eliminating the need for expensive telephony contracts
  • Online voice calling from anywhere in the world with no extra charges. Who wants to pay more just to talk nowadays?
  • Instant video conferencing, screen sharing and text chat. Hold meetings, deliver reports and discuss initiatives with total ease wherever, whenever
  • Direct sync with your Office Outlook calendar – easily conference with up to 250 people straight from your contacts list
  • The ability to record your meeting or conference in real time for later review – so you never miss out on important information, and can easily get others up to speed

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Work smarter together with SharePoint Online

Using the power of the cloud, SharePoint Online gives your charity its very own dedicated storage and company Intranet. Staff can work together on documents, maintain schedules and keep in touch wherever they are. SharePoint Online lets you:

  • Store and access documents from anywhere, on multiple devices without the need for your own file servers
  • Collaborate on digital documents in one central online location. Forget about waiting for a suitable time and place for everyone to be together; do it virtually, without restriction
  • Communicate at the click of a button using SharePoint to distribute official internal documents and updates that everyone can access

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Uncover opportunities and tighten processes with Power BI

Harnessing Business Intelligence is critical for getting the most out of your budget and nailing down new opportunities but many charities find it a confusing mess to wade through; if they can manage to collect the data at all.

Power BI finally puts the confusion to an end. With a combination of data collection and presentation, it places the power of insight right in your hands in one easy-to-use package. Here you can:

  • Stay on top of how your charity is performing, and see where improvements can be made so you can easily spot and focus on problem areas
  • Find and target your most generous donors and sectors. Power BI effortlessly reveals where your greatest opportunities are, so you know where it would be most cost-effective to market and save even more wasted funds
  • Generate straightforward reports that your management committee, donors and staff will all quickly understand and appreciate

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Clear Cloud: The perfect IT partner for your charity

We know that change is scary; especially when so much important work rests on its success. That’s why we’re with you every step of the way from start to finish (and beyond!) of your charity’s technical transition.

As a Microsoft partner with over 20 years’ proven experience in the industry, we’ve helped all kinds of organisations overcome their own unique challenges because no two are ever the same.

So you can rely on our small, friendly team to treat you like family. To get to know every inch of your particular needs and create a setup that reflects and empowers YOU so you can get more money to the people who need it.


Save up to 70% on your technical operations costs with IT that just works and a transition that’s as smooth and painless as can be.


Expert consultation and guidance ensures that your exact needs are met. No unnecessary extras.


We’ll keep you up to date on the latest software versions as they arrive, along with regular tips, tricks and advice; so you always get the most out of your systems. Got a question? Just ask!

What people say about Clear Cloud

DEVELOP recently revised its IT strategy which included a transformation programme moving to a cloud based system, coupled with the production of an in-house intranet. The service, training and support provided by Clear Cloud has been outstanding. This process has been a significant change for all involved – working with Clear Cloud made this transition smooth and problem free…
Highly recommended for the charity sector who wish to invest in an improved IT infrastructure which offers modern, flexible working options.

Jane Windle-Hartshorn

CEO, Develop ECS

Clear Cloud Services provided us with excellent customer service from extremely knowledgeable and helpful advisers. They understood what we wanted to do and the best way to go about delivering it. Our company has moved its entire IT infrastructure to a secure cloud based solution as a result. Supported by Office 365 Enterprise we now have a very modern working environment offering great flexibility. I can highly recommend this company to all. Very easy to deal with and didn’t try to baffle us with computer jargon we don’t understand. They delivered exactly what we wanted and gave us some excellent advice en route.

Neil Marshall

COO, Kaizen Compliance Solutions

By 2020, more than 40% of small and medium businesses expect to be running 100% of their IT in the cloud. Will you be able to compete?

Don’t wait to find out. Act now and book your completely FREE, no obligation demo of Microsoft Office 365 through Clear Cloud. In just 10 minutes, we can show you personally how much better business could be!


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