Microsoft Office 365

Revolutionise Your Work with the World’s Premier Cloud Platform

If you thought that Office 365 was just the latest edition of Microsoft’s industry-leading software package… think again.

Far more than the collection of office-based applications that you’re more than likely used to, Microsoft Office 365 is actually an agile, fully-featured and ever evolving platform hosted by cloud technology.

It’s your very own office space, accessible whenever and wherever there’s an internet connection and through multiple kinds of devices.

So you can check and respond to emails with your phone on the move, view and edit documents with your tablet on the train, or log in with your laptop and have complete and unrestricted access to your work even when life gets in the way.

And even if you’re offline, with Outlook and OneDrive your emails and files are always available for you to access.

Coupled with the additional collaboration features of SharePoint Online, which help you plan projects, share and assign work and stay in touch with your team: Office 365 is business without limits.

It’s truly modern working. All of this with no expensive equipment to buy, servers to maintain, licenses to pay for or backups to preserve which ensures a stable, secure and resilient future that’s bursting with possibilities, not worries.

With 50,000 small businesses switching to the platform every month, not to mention established educators such as the University of London and the London School of Economics, there’s never been a better time than now to take advantage and future-proof your IT while slashing unnecessary costs.


Microsoft Office 365 gives you

  • Your complete suite of Office software in one place, updated FREE for life
  • A massive 50GB mailbox per user which is more email storage than you’d ever need
  • FREE HD video and voice conferencing with Skype for Business
  • A financially-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • 1TB personal storage per user so you’ll never worry about running out of space
  • Instant remote access to your workspace, wherever you are

Try our cost calculator and see just how little you could pay for all of the benefits of Office 365…

What people say about Clear Cloud

Being a highly mobile company with customers in NZ, Australia and the United States, we really wanted to reap the benefits that the cloud could offer. We did not want the headache of purchasing and managing a server on site, but we did want to centralise our business resources and knowledge for quick access. The fact we were growing very quickly made this a priority of ours. We approached Clear Cloud Services to assist us with this, and they were tremendous in setting up our Microsoft 365 Small Business Plan. They explained the different plans to us and deployed it with us. In addition to this, they have worked hand in hand with us to configure our SharePoint site to meet our requirements and explain how to get the most out of it.

Justin Wright

CEO, Qotient

Clear Cloud Services provided us with excellent customer service from extremely knowledgeable and helpful advisers. They understood what we wanted to do and the best way to go about delivering it. Our company has moved its entire IT infrastructure to a secure cloud based solution as a result. Supported by Office 365 Enterprise we now have a very modern working environment offering great flexibility. I can highly recommend this company to all. Very easy to deal with and didn’t try to baffle us with computer jargon we don’t understand. They delivered exactly what we wanted and gave us some excellent advice en route.

Neil Marshall

COO, Kaizen Compliance Solutions

By 2020, more than 40% of small and medium businesses expect to be running 100% of their IT in the cloud. Will you be able to compete?

Don’t wait to find out. Act now and book your completely FREE, no obligation demo of Microsoft Office 365 through Clear Cloud. In just 10 minutes, we can show you personally how much better business could be!


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