IT Support Services

Wipe Away the Pain of Problematic IT.

The Bespoke IT Support Solution That Puts You Ahead

At Clear Cloud, we take support seriously. Rather than just being about fixing the immediate problem, we see the bigger picture and the wider issues that a single IT glitch can contribute to.

Because whatever’s gone wrong, it’s so much more than just a simple setback. It’s your business, so we make it our business.

With a combination of unlimited remote helpdesk support, proactive monitoring and content, we build unrivalled insight into your company so that we can develop a totally bespoke support unit that aligns perfectly with you.

And once we have your current systems running at peak efficiency, we’ll use our extensive experience to go above and beyond the norm.

As a part of your Clear Cloud support experience, we provide further optimisation, recommendations, eye-opening webinars, workshops and more.

We have offices in two key locations offering IT support in Liverpool     as well as  Lincoln     but can serve our clients nationwide.


We make sure you’re always empowered by your technology, so you can strengthen business strategy, lead further innovation and continue to excel at what you do… without the need for IT fire-fighting.

  • Unlimited remote and helpdesk support, with clear SLAs, ensures there’s always someone to help when you’re stuck
  • Proactive monitoring and involvement in your business means no cookie-cutter approaches; a bespoke support service that truly listens to and works towards your business goals
  • FREE ongoing updates, content and expert recommendations keep you in the know so you’re always informed of the latest and greatest ways to use your IT
  • Get the best from your IT through valuable workshops, training and webinars; our specialists will show you exactly how to achieve maximum results without the fuss
What people say about Clear Cloud
Clear Cloud Services have been an invaluable support to The Audience Agency. Not only do they have the ability to quickly analyse the situation, but they have the expertise and knowledge to provide a suitable and cost-effective solution. One of their main assets is that they combine what is best for the organisation with what is best for the user, and for us this has meant that our systems have improved, at the same time as the user experience. I can’t recommend Clear Cloud highly enough; anyone using their services will not be disappointed with their choice of IT partner.
Gareth Davies

Finance Director, The Audience Agency

DEVELOP recently revised its IT strategy which included a transformation programme moving to a cloud based system, coupled with the production of an in-house intranet. The service, training and support provided by Clear Cloud has been outstanding. This process has been a significant change for all involved – working with Clear Cloud made this transition smooth and problem free…
Highly recommended for the charity sector who wish to invest in an improved IT infrastructure which offers modern, flexible working options.

Jane Windle-Hartshorn

CEO, Develop ECS

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