What is Cloud Computing?

Shift from high IT capital and software expenditure

Utilise applications from IT service providers via the Internet.

Cloud computing enables any organisation to shift from high IT capital and software expenditure, and utilise applications from IT service providers, with the ability to access them via the Internet. Cloud computing enables you to connect to your services online wherever and whenever required, and a host company takes care of the background technicalities. All services are hosted online on secure servers, this network of computers is collectively referred to as ‘the cloud’.

It’s not a new concept, you may have already heard of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Application Service Provider (ASP) or Utility Computing, however Cloud computing seems to be a description that is easier to understand and grasp.

How can your business benefit from Cloud Computing?

Cost and risk reduction

Cloud computing can provide huge cost savings and a large reduction in time spent on IT maintenance or service contracts. This IT model removes the need for high fixed cost investments, and all the business risks associated with failure of equipment. Reputable cloud-service providers have comprehensive fail over measures that guarantee up time.

The Cloud model also enables a company to switch service provider if their services aren’t working properly, just like any other utility service. Single vendor infrastructure contracts are no longer the norm, switching to a different provider is easy.

A Cloud model is cost efficient, it allows a business to allocate budget to IT services based on how much they actually need, and when they need it, thus allowing growth over time. This is a massive benefit to both small and larger business models, avoiding the need for expensive upfront capital expenditure, so no initial cost barriers, or fixed contracts.

Location Independence

Improved wireless broadband and 3G technology has made accessing the Internet much easier whilst mobile. Cloud services enables users to wirelessly connect to their software applications and also store data instantly over the internet, with no need for an in-office infrastructure. Internet connectivity is improving sufficiently, and the growth in Dongle sales and mobile 3G connections upgrading to 4G provides a clear indication of this demand.

Security Concerns

You may have some concerns about the security of data when accessing Cloud based services, in reality, it is often more secure than internet banking. With regards to third party confidentially, the data contained on host servers is encrypted, therefore unreadable to unauthorised bodies.

Is Cloud Computing the future?

There has been increasing growth in this latest model for IT and coverage which can be attributed to large investments by world renowned enterprises such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google who have all invested millions into their own Cloud service ventures.

The cloud model is changing IT infrastructure procurement and deployment. Companies can have more time to concentrate on growth, and less risk and worry over their IT systems and maintenance. Cloud services are already adding real value to small-medium businesses all over the world, improving cost efficiency, security and mobility, allowing companies to develop business focus and grow.

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What people say about Clear Cloud

Being a highly mobile company with customers in NZ, Australia and the United States, we really wanted to reap the benefits that the cloud could offer. We did not want the headache of purchasing and managing a server on site, but we did want to centralise our business resources and knowledge for quick access. The fact we were growing very quickly made this a priority of ours. We approached Clear Cloud Services to assist us with this, and they were tremendous in setting up our Microsoft 365 Small Business Plan. They explained the different plans to us and deployed it with us. In addition to this, they have worked hand in hand with us to configure our SharePoint site to meet our requirements and explain how to get the most out of it.

Justin Wright

CEO, Qotient

Clear Cloud Services provided us with excellent customer service from extremely knowledgeable and helpful advisers. They understood what we wanted to do and the best way to go about delivering it. Our company has moved its entire IT infrastructure to a secure cloud based solution as a result. Supported by Office 365 Enterprise we now have a very modern working environment offering great flexibility. I can highly recommend this company to all. Very easy to deal with and didn’t try to baffle us with computer jargon we don’t understand. They delivered exactly what we wanted and gave us some excellent advice en route.

Neil Marshall

COO, Kaizen Compliance Solutions

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