What is Skype for Business Cloud PBX?

Most companies manage their telephones using a PBX (private branch exchange) system, which is essentially hardware that acts as a private telephone switchboard. Now, with Skype for Business Cloud PBX, you can eliminate separate PBX systems for users and move the functions of the PBX into the cloud.

You can get phone numbers directly from Microsoft or port existing phone numbers into Skype for Business and assign or re-assign them to your users as needed. If your organization has hundreds or thousands of users, all of this can be automated via PowerShell scripting.

Cloud PBX also works with your existing carrier circuits, so it allows you to continue to use your carrier contract and circuit for phone calls while the users are hosted in Office 365.

How can Cloud PBX benefit my business?

Cloud PBX is more than just a phone system, it is your unified communications which can replace third-party conferencing tools. You can see your contacts presence, share your desktop, instant message, record meetings all from the Skype for Business client.

It can also completely replace an office phone system and get rid of any associated costs such as ISDN lines and phone system maintenance contracts. With Skype for Business, your telephony runs over your internet line and you do not need any phone system hardware in the office. All you need is a computer, headset or handset to make calls. Contracts are also 30 days rolling compared to most phone system which are on 3-5 year contracts.

You can work from anywhere on any device taking your phone number with you, saving travel costs because you can setup conferences instead of face-face meetings. You can reduce office space if more workers decide to work from home as well.

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